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Explore the evolution....

The only thing constant is change.  How we evolve and adapt can make the difference between surviving, striving or genuinely thriving in business.


Evolve 2021 is a free partner summit event that brings industry analysts, vendors, technical experts and business leads together to explore the future of the channel.

This virtual two-day event will deliver 20+ sessions to provide you with actionable content to inspire, upskill and empower your business to achieve growth.


  • What services are driving deal flow through to partners?

  • Navigating end-user budgeting priorities, post-COVID.

  • What’s new in the rhipe vendor, solution and service line up?

  • Overcoming skills shortages and capability gaps to secure new business.


This year, we will also be making some exciting announcements regarding new vendors, services and resources available to your business in the new financial year. 


All these conversations and so much more, only at Evolve 2021.


Why attend?

Be Part of the Conversation!

  • 20+ virtual sessions streamed for business, tech and marketing!

  • Partner and vendor panels with live Q&A

  • New partner offers

  • IT operations trends

  • Research and market analysis

  • Deal-flow marketing workshop and service offerings

  • rhipe strategic updates and announcements

  • Book 1:1 meetings with key experts & vendors

Who should attend?

This event is open to rhipe Partners and the wider cloud community whether you are a Managed Services Provider, Cloud Solution Provider, Independent Software Vendor, Reseller, IT Service Provider or SaaS Business.


Speaker Spotlight

Featured Guest
Philip Meyer


Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Phil Meyer has been with Microsoft for over 30 years and currently is helping Microsoft Partners with guidance in building Cloud and Hosted Services for businesses, government and not-for-profit agencies.  In his time at Microsoft he’s had numerous roles including Product Marketing, Business Development and Team Management. 


Currently Phil is working as a Technology Strategist in the One Commercial Partner team covering the full breadth of products and technologies Microsoft makes available via Partners.  Everything from Microsoft 365, Management and Security, Business Applications, Dynamics 365 and the vast array of services in Azure from networking and compute through DevOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Services and IoT.  He’s big focus areas at the moment are Migration to the Cloud, Hybrid Cloud implementations and Security.

Don't miss his session on 01 June - Azure: The Art of the Possible

Stay tuned for more speaker updates in the weeks to come!

Agenda Highlights

01 - 02 June
11am - 4:30pm (AEST)  |  9am - 2:30pm (SGT)  |  1:00pm - 6:30pm (NZT)
Guest Keynote
Future of Operations
Jay McBain, Forrester
01 June
13:30 AEST  |  11:30 SGT  |  15:30 NZT
Microsoft Keynote
Azure: The Art of the Possible
Dean Corcoran & Philip Meyer, Partner Technology Strategists Microsoft
01 June
11:45 AEST  |  9:45 SGT  |  13:45 NZT
Vendor Panel
Security Advisory Panel
01 June
14:15 AEST  |  12:15 SGT  |  16:15 NZT

In Government policy and in law, cybersecurity is now perceived as a center of strategic risk. As additional levers are pulled to force greater attention from businesses, the specter of personal liability is growing for boards, executives and business owners. 

Gartner predicts that personal liability for breaches across the technology spectrum globally will broaden to include cyber-physical systems within the next few years.  Penalties for companies have often been covered by specific insurance options, but where personal liability begins, that financial safety net ends. 

The Evolve 2021 Security Advisory panel will examine the balance of responsibility between organisational leaders and security practitioners. The panel will also consider how MSPs and CSPs can develop a multi-layered approach to mitigating security threats. 

Speakers from: VMware, Microsoft, Eset & Fortinet

Moderator: Regan McKay, SmartEncrypt by rhipe

Vendor Panel
Solutions Roadmap Panel
02 June
11:00 AEST  |  9:00 SGT  |  13:00 NZT

Volatile working conditions remain a challenge for employers and employees across the region.  Tooling every home office to operate as a remote office and maintaining a highly dispersed workforce is a sharp vertical climb for most organisations.   


As economies begin to recover and even surge in some parts of the region, there is a renewed focus on supporting remote productivity.  In some countries, the greatest challenge to productivity is the quality of connectivity.  For all businesses, there are additional requirements to ensure company data generated by remote workers is secure, and easily incorporated into systems of analysis, where and as needed. 


Join the Solutions Roadmap panel for an exploration of how changing business conditions are shifting budgeting priorities for your end customers.  Our expert guests will explore the significant shift in trend from digital transformation to digital consolidation, and what this means for your opportunities. Discuss new developments in the remote, secure work arena and pick up some insights on where the next wave of demand is likely to emerge. 

Speakers from: Microsoft, Acronis, Zoom & Access4

Moderator: Jay McBain, Forrester

Regional Partner Panel: Asia
The challenges and successes of Remote Work.
02 June
12:45 AEST  |  10:45 SGT  |  14:45 NZT

The disruption of traditional business threw partners and their customers out of their comfort zone and accelerated digital transformation, providing a different focus on which technology products and services they needed to support their organization. Whilst remote work isn’t new, COVID-19 has made it a priority. Across the region, many organizations are still navigating the demands and constraints of this new way of operating. In this partner panel we discuss the progression to remote work and the challenges and successes of enabling customers with this change.  

Regional Partner Panel: ANZ
Innovation and Evolution of your business.
02 June
13:45 AEST  |  11:45 SGT  |  15:45 NZT

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the many ways companies typically did business, including sales and marketing strategies. It effected how partners interact with customers, how products and services are purchased, and how partners implement and deliver. For many, it was a time of maintaining business continuity and driving productivity, whilst keeping costs low. For some, it was focusing on an opportunity of evolution and innovation to support growth.  


In this panel we explore how our partners have: 

  • Adapted to the shift of customer needs 

  • Identified and addressed new opportunities in the changing landscape 

  • Innovated to remain competitive 

  • Engaged support for scaling operations 

  • New areas of growth which partners are investing to meet emerging and future customer needs

Security Roundtable
How to position the right SecPrac Stack to meet the needs of your customers
02 June
11:45 AEST  |  9:45 SGT  |  13:45 NZT

A surge of highly publicized cybersecurity attacks across the region has jolted business awareness to new levels. Despite this, many business leaders and owners underestimate their own risk. When customers downplay cybersecurity threat levels, they may not see value in solutions from well-known vendor brands.  

Can you offer the security they need for an investment they will accept? 

Join the rhipe Security Solutions panel for practical guidance on new options for your SecPrac stack.  Find out about emerging technologies and where they fit into your existing capabilities. Put your challenges to our experts and get advice on how to position and sell. 

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